An infographic is a visual representation of data or information that can simplify, inform, or present the intended concept quickly. Visual graphic help translate data into insights and understanding and improve interpretation at a glance

Image Credit: Daniel Zeevi CC-by-ND 2.0

What is the Infographic Project

This project is intended to build upon your knowledge in prior course work to demonstrate your understanding of nursing care of the adult in the acute care setting, to demonstrate critical thinking and effective communication. The project also requires demonstration of professional practice skills.

You will create an infographic to inform a selected population based upon a topic you think would be valuable to the selected population. For example, if you wanted to inform elderly in an assisted living facility about safety and concerns related to polypharmacy, the infographic should be targeted to meet the needs of that population, and deliver a presentation.

There are multiple parts to this project:

  • Connect with your group to choose a content area Aug 30th
  • Determine a focus population (healthcare staff/providers, adult patients, or community/family)
  • Determine a topic/focus; approved by faculty by Nov 2nd
  • Find articles and annotate them using hypothesis within your group; share with class and instructor (20 pts). Due Nov 8th
  • Design and infographic to effectively communicate your topic in a visually appealing way (40 pts) Due Nov 29th
  • Prepare a summary of the contributions of each group member as your "ticket" in to present (C/NC) Due Dec 5th
  • Present your infographic and market it to your population (40 pts); give peer feedback! Due in class Dec 5th

Background on Infographics

Tip: This is a resource. It provides some background about how visual representations are useful in providing information and why they are appealing to the human eye. Consider how images, colors, and graphics inform the viewer and capture attention as one of the goals is related to communicating clearly to the focus population.

Grading Rubric

The grading rubric will be reviewed by you!

We will work together to create a grading rubric that fits the needs of the class community, and helps us determine what is most valuable in this assignment. A draft rubric is available.

Students will work together in the classroom to evaluate the rubric and submit any suggested changes to the instructor for final evaluation. The instructor will take the student recommendations to create the final rubric for the project.

You get to decide what your grade should be based upon! Isn't that exciting!

Tip: We will review some slides about best approaches to creating an infographic shared by Sohui Lee, Multiliteracy and Writing Center.

Have you found any online rubrics related to infographics? for Annotations is a tool that can be used to add comments, thoughts, and offer a different approach to evaluating, reading, or reviewing resources. You will sign up for a account in our course during Week 3 in class to be introduced to the tool. Your group should annotate a minimum of four articles/resources/websites (published within 5 years) using to support the content in your infographic. The resources should be shared with the class group for accessing and reviewing. Points for this part of the assignment will be based upon inclusion of 4 articles, all group members add valuable contributions in the annotations on each resource, and shared with class.

Growth Mindset

As we think about this new assignment, keep in mind the growth mindset we talked about in class. I look forward to the amazing and creative presentations you come up with.

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